10 Awesome Ideas For Kitchen Decorating


Rather than a place of cooking and eating, kitchen is the place where your family has a lot of different activities. We entertain guests in the kitchen, we gather in the kitchen every weekend. Kitchen is actually the heart of your home. So it deserves being decorated carefully. My honest article today will introduce you 15 proven ideas to decorate your kitchen. Keep reading, there will be at least one great idea for your case, I’m sure.


1. Make A Mixture Of While and Black

Along with following a homochromous palette, you can still make some changes to show your an interest and express your own personality throughout your kitchen while making sure that it looks charming. It is recommended that a constant pattern, for example, black- white zig zag, stretching in the area of the counter is graphic. In case that you do not have much space around cabinet, then you should try equipping some floating shelves to store often-used tools or exhibit your beloved accessories.

2. Add Blue To Something

If Black and White is not your color, then consider some others, and blue maybe worth trying. According to current trend, people seem to like giving fresh coat paint to cabinets. And the pale blue shade is ideal, in comparison with the sleek white.

3. Add Some Shelves

Because of small space that most of the kitchens have, use every inch in it wisely and effectively. And hanging shelves is said to be the wisest choice ever. It doesn’t take up much space while neatly keeps tools like knife, plates, linens… if you want your kitchen looks attractive, then add wallpaper in the way you want.

4. Pay Attention To Neutral Areas

Most of the kitchen have a neutral zone, which sometimes looks empty. So warm it up by adding several shades. Do not make that area storage place, cabinets is enough for storage.

5. Make Your Kitchen A Great Room

Make your kitchen a center of activities or the main living space so that you will feel more excited to decorate it. A proper-sized table should be added, making ideal area for together dinners, or even important science projects. Make sure that the vibe is always cool and look modern and casual. To gain this, simply put a black-and-white–striped rug and or hang a big drum shade.

6. Make Your Kitchen Look Larger ( For Small Kitchen)

If your kitchen is not very large, then it will require careful and smart planning. And experienced users suggest adding gray-and-white palette, which will give your room a burst of charm and make it look larger and clearer thanks to bright color pictures of lemon and turquoise. If your cabinet is also very small, use some freestanding pieces to keeps tools.

7. Give Your Kitchen A High Design

Large and high ceilings can make the room look larger than it is. If your kitchen is primarily white-and-black, add a piece of wood furniture to make it warmer to be in.

8. Blend Color

A great stove can bring your kitchen a new look. And among the nice colors, give priority to a nice-looking splash back, a marine blue glass, for example. And if you want your kitchen to be homey and in multiple-functions, design some storage racks from the ceiling, these will be places for regularly used pans and pots.

9. Add Some Natural Touches

A well-decorated kitchen should never go out of style. And to gain this, you should invite some more natural touches such as flagstone floors, ceiling beams, or a table in farmhouse style.

10. Focus On Cooking Zone

Like the way that you focus on the mantel when decorating your living room or your bed when decorating your bedroom, so pay more attention to cooking zone when it comes to decorating your kitchen. Blue range cooker is often suggested being the focal point of the kitchen.

Final Words

Ok, above are not everything about kitchen decoration, but they are proven ideas which have been bringing nice look to many kitchen style. They are simple, reliable and don’t take much efforts to follow. So consider them carefully and choose some suited for your condition and then ready to have activities in your new nice kitchen.

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