5 Amazing Secrets To Have Your Fridge Worked Better


Refrigerator is an essential machine in almost every kitchen now. But are you sure that you are using it correctly? My article today will review you five simple but effectives tips that you can apply to get your refrigerator work better. Let’s take a closer look!


1. Clean The Back Periodically

Many users have never thought of pulling their refrigerator out of wall to clean it, but this is a should-be-done thing to keep your fridge working fine. Once you pull your fridge out, you will find a lot of dirt and dust which are trapped behind the machine, especially in case you have pets. This can gradually lead to the condenser coils, slowing down your fridge’s cycle. So to deal with this, remember to clean your unit occasionally. After being cleaned, your unit can work without much resistance, allowing your cycles to run smoother and quicker.

2. Pay More Attention To The Door Seal

Sometimes, check whether our seal is close enough to keep the air, using a thin piece of paper or dollar bill. To conduct this, pull the seal up, next to the closed refrigerator door and check whether it is fluttering. If there is problem with it, replace with a new one. Although it looks complicated, it is easy to replace and you can do this yourself without having to asking for help from a mechanic, we guarantee.

3. Have Everything Covered Before Putting Them In The Fridge

Before being put in the fridge, most foods have certain amount of moisture, so if you let the foods uncovered, their potential moistures will be leached into the air and your fridge, particularly the compressor will have to work much harder to take it away. More than that, when the foods are not covered, their smells will be mixed, making a new awful smell and taste which you can hardly eat.

4. Wait Until Your Food Gets Cool Then Put It Into The Fridge

Yeah, never put the foods which are still hot into the fridge. This can make no harm to your food, but you are putting one more burden to your refrigerator. Your machine will have to take a double duty to cool your food down. So let’s try to wait until the foods get cool, then putthem in the chill chest.

5. Do Not Let The Space Empty, Fill It With Water

This is easy. Simply fill in your empty space with things like juice containers, empty soda bottles… when you don’t have things to put in your fridge. The purpose of this step is to help your fridge not to have to work hard, while things can be kept cold.

Bottom Lines

Do you agree with me that the five tips above are all simple and easy to do? But how many of use have done them well? I think the number is not high. Actually, these are simple extra steps, but many of us do not care much about them. As a result, our fridges do not work as effectively as they should be. So let’s maximum your fridge’s capacity and potential to have it work finest possible for you, by following the 5 powerful above.

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