Cooking Challenges And How To Deal With Them


Cooking, an everyday job, seems to be simple but still causes us a lot of issues. In fact, there are many potential problems in the kitchen that we- kitchen owners- have faced at least once, including fires, sharp knives, so on. My honest article today will address some of common cooking challenges that you may have faced when cooking at home. The solutions to those problems are also mentioned. Keep reading, you may learn valuable lessons.


​1. Huge Mess When Cooking

This is an issue of organization. And actually, the first factor to decide whether you are a good cook or not is the workstation where you cook, whether it is neat and clean enough. So is your cooking area always clean? It is recommended by chef that you should always get a big bowl ready to store food scraps when you are about to cut fresh ingredients. In addition, always have kitchen rags or paper towels in your reach to wipe up any messes or spills that may happen during your cooking. Moreover, to keep your cooking area tidy, do not leave any cooking tools dirty while cooking, clean them immediately in the sink or dishwasher.

2. Too Much Food To Eat During The Week

Some people often commit to cooking too much the same kind of food at once; as a result, they cannot eat the food during the week. So before cooking anything, ask yourself how many meals you are about to eat this week. If you are about not to cook too much that week, consider cooking smaller meals such as wraps, salads, sandwiches which do not require many ingredients. On the other hand, if you intend to eat at home at least 4 or 5 days during the week, you had better make a big meal at the beginning of the week, a nice Roast Chicken or Pan Seared Steaks is good suggestion. These dishes tend to leave great leftovers which you can use to cook nice Steak Tacos or a find bowl of Chicken Burrito Bowl then.

3. When The Kitchen Is On Fire

What a terrible thing to be involved in this incident! If you are in the case, don’t too fearful, try to stay calm and shout, jump up and down and pray. Most kitchens have a fire extinguisher, so make uses of it. Furthermore, think of the causes of the fire can reduce the likelihood of the issue. Normally, kitchen fires are caused by oil fires, paper or kitchen rags next to the stove, or unintentionally heating metals in the microwave. So pay attention to them.

4. What And How Much To Buy Each Shopping Time?

The best way to handle this issue is to make a plan before doing. Personally, I often look at my fridge to check what ingredients are available and which I am in short or haven’t got before shopping. Then, I think of 3 to 4 recipes to prepare during the week, and finally list the necessary ingredients. By this way, I am sure about what I need to buy, rather than have to blind guess at the store. Currently, there are several handy apps that you can make uses to plan your meal or make grocery lists like Menu Planner, Evernote.

5. Too Much Time To Chop Vegetables

It often takes you a lot of time to chop ingredients? so nothing to make it better but to practice, even sometimes you hurt yourself. If you are new to kitchen job, get started simply. First, practice dicing large-sized ingredients until you feel more confident with the knife. As you are familiar with the job, you will be able to chop more quickly, more evenly, and more constantly.

6. Food Seasoning – Bland Or Overly Salty

If you want a solid advice for this issue, my advice is taste, taste and taste. Once you add an ingredient, blend, taste it, and ask yourself What is missing, some sweetness or some acid…? Then, add proper seasonings sparingly. And it is said that it is easier to save an under-seasoned dish than an over-seasoned one. This may take time at first, when you are new to cooking, but as you get familiar with the job, you will be better at estimating the amount of seasonings to put in and balancing out your flavors. And note that seasoning is not just salt, sweet, and acid, flavored oils or fresh herbs are also nice to add into your dishes.

Final Words

Above are 6 common issues that you may run into when it comes to doing kitchen job. The solutions presented are suggested by experiences cook and even expert. So save them all, you may need them once in the future. If you have some more experiences in the field, let’s feel free to share here so that we can learn from each other.

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